Incoming nat not working on port 6060 to pfsense

  • Hello
    I have a netgate pfsense that the 3389 port Microsoft RD and port 5000 to voip computer is working
    But all other ports are not working.
    My pfsense is on
    When i try mystatticip:6060 it cannot connect from the wan side.
    I can access Microsoft Remote Desktop to a local computer but can't access pfsense from the wan side.
    Nat rules are all good .
    Have these rules on 11 different netgate security gateways running and working good.
    Just this one that i have this problem.
    Netgate Device ID: 82e8d2dd0cdc1b780308

  • This what i get when i look at the states CLOSED:SYN_SENT

  • It's best to not expose your pfSense GUI from WAN. Configure OpenVPN and then connect that way and access it from LAN. If that is not possible or practical for you, then post a screencap of your NAT rules to see what you've done.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you see a state, it has passed the firewall.

    Check your target box. It's either not on, or it's blocked there. Most likely not a pfSense issue.

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