IPSEC over PPPOE VIPs not working

  • WAN connection is PPPOE which is 4 Ips

    The routers main WAN IP becomes

    We also get 3 others

    We set these up as Virtual IPs - IP ALIAS

    When setting up the IPSEC we choose the interface as one of the VIPs xxx.216.20.193

    All Firewall rules have been set to ALLOW ALL on the entire /24 or as liberally as possible with wildcards

    The IPSEC never connects and no logs are created, he traffic never reaches the other IPSEC endpoint.

    As soon as we EDIT the IPSEC to use the Main IP xxx.216.20.192 as the VPN interface - it works perfectly.

    The VIPs work for other things, for example doing a NAT forward so we know the IPs are assigned and function for things OTHER then the IPSEC.

    Is it not possible to use VIP with PPPOE and IPSEC? What are we missing we have spent days trying everything, and were experts at IPSEC so it's nothing to do with the tunnels or phases which all work perfectly fine on the primary PPPOE IP.


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    Are you sure that remote side used xxx.216.20.193 as Remote Gateway for this IPsec tunnel?
    Can remote side ping xxx.216.20.193 and other VIPs?

  • Yes as we control both sides, we have to change both sides for it to work.
    I don't remember if we tried to PING , most likely.

  • Hi, @syndicate604's coworker here.

    Could anyone confirm if there's any restriction when using IP Alias as IPsec VPN? I think we checked various things but we might have missed something.

    Our setup is:

    • Hardware: XG-7100 Desktop
    • 2.4.4-RELEASE

    As @syndicate604 said everything but IPsec VPN seemed fine. The connection to ISP (via PPPoE) was up. Internet access using NAPT was fine. We'll try it again for further investigation but before doing this we'd like to make sure if it's supported setup.


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