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  • Good afternoon, friends, I'd like some help from you guys. I'm trying to get my NS2 to run through Pfsense through the bind package, but I'm having trouble getting it to work properly. I wonder if you know a step by step or a manual so that I can follow in the right way. I even found a video on youtube, but it's really bad, and the way it did not work. I was able to make the DNS respond out and internal, but I could not make another zone work or create reverse. I hope to have help from you, thank you! ☺

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    Read this
    It will change your life..

  • @johnpoz
    But the book will give me a good foundation in DNS and Bind, but not made by pfsense.

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    All pfsense did was wrap a gui around bind... Is still BIND!!!

    If you do not understand bind then the gui is just gibberish... if you understand bind then all the different fields and questions in the gui all click.

    I could setup a slave dns in bind with the gui in a few min for both forward or reverse zones.. I have read that book ;) Previous editions mind you.. Pretty sure my first copy was 2nd edition not 5th.. And have been using bind for some 20 plus years - I remember when 8 came out.. And changing over from 4 to 8..

    Not going to try and write a guide.. Because if you undestand bind then the gui is self explanatory.. If you do not understand bind then you have no need of the pfsense bind package...

    To be honest the package has a limited audience most likely since you normally would not want/need to run a authoritative ns on your firewall anyway. But it does have its use cases that do make it valuable edition.. Nice for say a branch office where you want to have copies of your zones there and say HQ is the SOA.. And this branch office really doesn't have any infrastructure. Is that your use case?

    Why do you feel you want to your 2nd ns to be on pfsense? Where is your SOA?

    Or for sure any bind users that love bind - pretty much everyone ;) That like know and want bind vs say unbound, etc. But to be honest your typical soho has little need of authoritative ns.. Unbound works just fine - and if its a MS shop they should really just be using the DNS in the AD setup, etc. So like I said the bind package going to have limited audience anyway.

    Views are very powerful and could be use case for bind over unbound in the soho - but then again you can do views in unbound as well now.

    If you present your use case and what your trying to accomplish exactly I could walk you through how to set it up - but sure and the hell not going to write a manual or howto for every single possible use case or scenario.. That is what the book I linked too has already done ;)

  • @johnpoz said in Bind manual configuration...:

    Read this
    It will change your life..

    I confirm.
    Live did become easier when one knows what DNS is (and not what one thinks it is).
    I have an old edition and will order the new one.

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