Esxi, Trunk, Vlan, Bridge and nothing works

  • Hi
    this is a long story so first Go to WC and make some tea or coffee. :)
    In floor 3 a radio mikrotik is connected to port 48 of cisco-Vlan 10
    in floor 1 there is other cisco which with trunk to 3rd floor cisco switch.(upper mentioned)
    in floor 1 we have hp server-contain Esxi/Pfsense and a physical csr mikrotik .
    must say that csr is our flow destination.
    pfsense has one trunk ether which contains all needed vlan.
    in pf i make differ vlan like: vmx0.10 vmx0.11 vmx0.12 vmx0.13
    (vlan10 input from radio)(vlan11 output to csr)(vmx0.12 manage which works)...
    *in my past project i directly connected radio to phyisical nic on pf and on second physical nic output directly to rb1200 . make bridge and 0,1 setting on tunnable setting and other setting.... every thing work. bridge was perfect.
    but here i have a virtual pf and one trunk port which is devided to differet vlan.
    if i set ip on vlan every vlan can make ping to device on own hand.
    but when i make bridge between vlans no one can make ping other hand of vlan.
    i know some thing is wrong.
    i think bridge in this sit will never work and i must set some GW becuse there is not a direct connet. or bridge must be deleted and static route must be replace woth that.
    my first goal was a transparent firewall and i am far far away i think.
    i will make a sum here:
    radio-->cisco-vlan10---->trunk to other cisco----->other sisco trunk to hp esxi------>
    pfsesne one v-port------->3 vlan------->(in.out.manage)----->bridge in and out not work

    thanks friends

  • i think this post is like my post and no answer of that too:

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    @nukem said in Esxi, Trunk, Vlan, Bridge and nothing works:

    to hp esxi------> pfsesne one v-port------->3 vlan

    And did you set your vswitch vlan id to 4095 so it doesn't strip the tags?

  • sir yes. i do that, my virtual pf has one ether and that ether has vlan 4095 tag.
    on that ether on first pf boot os ask for vlan and i create my 3 vlan.
    after that on GUI i do the same thing i did on physical pf but not any ping.
    i must repeat that when i set ip on vlan and ping devices on any vlan that vlan echo ping very good. but when i set ip on bridge nothing can be pinged.
    something else: on sr mikrotik as you know there is neighbor devices section, on that part i can see radio on the end on other vlan hand but no telnet nop mac ping and nothing

  • spanning tree? may be?

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    @nukem said in Esxi, Trunk, Vlan, Bridge and nothing works:

    but when i make bridge between vlans

    Your trying to bridge different vlans together? No you would not do that.. That amounts to just running multiple layer 3 on teh same layer 2 and defeats the whole purpose of vlans to isolate your layer 2 networks.

  • thank you very much but in my case if wan and lan are in two different vlan what can be start point to solve the solution?

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    If you bridge 2 vlans - they become 1 layer 2... What vlan IDs you might use on your different switches doesn't really matter. But why would you be running the same IP scheme on 2 different vlans..

    Why are you wanting to bridge these vlans together in pfsense??

  • right. bridge with same ip and vlan or route on different subnet.(As always).
    thank you sir. i will start on this base. ans write here the result.

  • hi again and thanks.
    i built a trunk port on Cisco then set 3 vlan on pfsense ethernet. 1 managment 2 for wan1 and 2. on the other pfsense ether i just set other 2 vlan for out put to mikrotik. on mikrotik i built 2 vlan on one of the ether.
    thanks lot for helping me.