Routing traffic for a specific IP and port from OPT net through WAN

  • Hi

    Sorry for the newbie question, but I am really stumped.
    I have a pfsense that borders with another router (they both have an interface on
    pfsense interfaces are:

    WAN (wan) -> vtnet3 -> v4: WAN.IP/29
    LAN (lan) -> vtnet1 -> v4:
    OPT1 (opt1) -> vtnet2 -> v4:
    OPT2 (opt2) -> vtnet0 -> v4:

    I am trying to make the other router (source addresses on the OPT2 network, to direct traffic for a destination, say, using the pfsense's OTP2 interface.

    I tried setting up firewall rules on the pfsense for OTP2 to accept traffic from the OTP2net with destination, and on WAN, to accept traffic from OTP2net with destination, I can see the traffic on the WAN interface using tcpdump, but it is still not working (traffic isnt being passed/translated from the WAN to the destination and back to the source (
    I have deleted all the rules and left a rule I copied from the LAN network (default accept all traffic on the OPT2 interface).

    From the pfsense, I can connect to the intended destination ( from the OPT1 and LAN interfaces on Firewall -> Diagnostics -> Traceroute and Test Port.
    But I cannot connect from the OPT2 interface.

    Please what am I doing wrong?

  • Really dumb. I had a default gateway set on the interface, and the default gateway was the other router.
    Fixed now.

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