WebGui Restore from backup only the User info?

  • Hi All,

    What I'd like to do is create some users in pfSense WebGui 2.44 and backup the config file to my laptop. Then go to another pfSense box and restore from the config file ONLY the User information. I have 8 sites to do.

    In the WebGui under Diagnostics > Backup & Restore down under the "Restore Backup" Section the only option that might apply in the pull-down list is "System". Does anyone know exactly what would get restored if I select this?

    If this changes the name of the box and other settings, then can someone suggest a work around?

    Thanks in advance!
    Have a great day!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is not a separate section of the config for user/groups.

    You'd have to download complete backups from each site and copy/paste the relevant portions, then restore.

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