Restore only parts of a config?

  • I'm about to start migrating some of my physical interfaces over to vlans.

    But I've got quite a few firewall rules, static dhcp mappings etc to move.

    Can I do a backup, hack parts from the backup and just restore pieces at a time?

    Any easier way to do this?

    FWIW My physical wifi interface is going away and getting split into two new vlans. (personal and guest), and adding a few others for cameras, etc.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It is possible to backup and restore only certain config sections. There's a drop-down for choosing the 'backup area'.

    However there is one huge caveat: the config versions MUST be the same if you are restoring only a partial backup.

    That is because only the main system section contains the config version and that's required to run the update scripts.


  • Perfect. It's all the same system.

    I'm planning on backingb up say the DHCP section. Edit the xml and cut the static mapping parts out and paste them under the new DHCP server entry for the vlan.

    Probably do the same for for the firewall rules too. Mostly any of the labor intensive parts where there's a lot of entries to move.

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