Unable to load Certain Websites Sometimes

  • I got a fresh install of pfsense. Sometimes when I try to go to certain websites (google for example) It wont load(page unresponsive). It appears to be random, as sometimes the pages load and sometimes they don't. I tried disabling Hardware Checksum Offloading and the problem still happens.

    I've read that my dns settings can do this too, but all I changed in that was add the google dns. I also changed the hostname and Domain of the system. "pfSense.ark"

    Dell Optiplex 3020 SSF
    Integrated Realtek RTL8151GD?
    Intel PRO 1000 PT Quad Port 1Gb PCI

    Im using the integrated ethernet card as the WAN.

    I currently got it set up inside my network. As in my router is providing the WAN and the LAN is connected to my pc.

  • Netgate Administrator