Dynamic DNS - Public IP gets set to a local address

  • I have used pfSense, Dynamic DNS and easyDNS successfully for several years. However, twice in the last 3 months I have found that my public domain IP address has become set to a local network IP address (eg. While it might be coincidence it seems the local address corresponds to the DHCP allocated address of the Linux workstation I mainly use. I note that the pfSense Dashboard Dynamic DNS Status widget displays the IP address allocated by my ISP and is oblivious to the corruption.

    Setting my domain's public IP address in this way obviously takes me 'off air'. I am completely lost for any kind of logical explanation as to how this can happen beyond a bug in Dynamic DNS. I assume easyDNS updates are password protected so the only process that knows the password is Dynamic DNS. However, network computing being what it is I may be victim of a security compromise.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem. It occurs infrequently but there has to be an explanation! Its also a pain in the rear!! Any help gratefully received.