routing and openvpn

  • Hello,

    on my site A i have 2 Gateways (GWa1 and GWa2
    I setup a openvpn server on a machine ( which is using GWa1

    On a site B I have only one gateway GWb
    I have also a openvpn client on a machine ( and which can ping all machines on site A even if they are using GWa2. (DEFAULT OPENVPN CONFIGURATION)

    I decide to use PFsense for GWa1 with a openvpn server and use another PFsense for GWb with openvpn client.
    GWb can ping GWa1 no prob.
    But GWb cannot ping machines on the site A which are using GWa2 as gateway.

    I could solve the situation by adding a route " via GWa1" on every machines on site A which are using GWa2 (it works).

    But i would like to find a solution by adding a route or something directly on the Pfsense GWa1 or GWb.

    I hope this is clear enough.
    Any advise or help is welcomed

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