delay service startup to wan link established

  • Since about v2.4.2 i have been having the below problem with my WAN (is 120Mg Coax connection to provider with Cisco cable modem).

    If there has been a power outage/cut, the cable modem takes time to establish the connection.
    The pfsense box appears to complete startup before the WAN is fully established.
    This results in the interfaces and VPNs going up for a few seconds and then down again.
    Also the dpinger or (dnsresolver) service fails to start

    logging on to the console and performing a reboot fixes the problem. But as i say, this problem only appeared 2.4.2 or 2.4.3 (can't remember now).

    I guess it is necessary to somehow delay the startup until the wan is established.

    Is there a way to do that?


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    Odd, that shouldn't be required really. Even if the WAN cable was completely disconnected to should come up as expected when it's reconnected.
    What is actually logged in the system log?
    Can you bring the WAN backup by manually disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet?


  • when the wan is established, the interface come online and then flap. Only way to get stable is to reboot. It is certainly similar to the previous poster and starts around the same time.

    The only thing i would say my config backups go from
    2.4.0 - 10/2017
    2.4.1 - 11/2017
    2.4.2 - 11/2017
    2.4.3 - 04/2018
    2.4.3 - 05/2018
    2.4.4 - 10/2018

    I never made any custom modes, etc. it worked out of the box but should be around the 2.4.3 upgrade is started to occur.

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    Can we see the system log produced when it fails to connect in a stable manner?


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