Rules complementing static routes

  • I've been trying to do this:
    0_1541406149741_static routing downstream.png

    Getting the network upstream to communicate with a host or even the whole subnet down the line without NAT. I know the static rule's good, it makes sense, but it's the firewall rules on the inner firewall, to allow the traffic in, those can't get to work. Against better judgement I even tried a * to * rule and still it wouldn't work.

    I also tried using as destination the upstream interface's address ( here above in my example doodles) on the middle router but that sort of would be NATting, don't it? Didn't work anyway; maybe because I didn't actually did the port translation rules, only the firewall rules.

    Any advice? :)

  • Netgate Administrator

    Give us an example of traffic that you are trying to pass here, actual source and destination IPs.

    It seems likely that the traffic is not hitting the outer firewall at all.

    Alternatively the target may not be using that as route back if the source is a public address.

    Run packet captures. See what traffic is actually arriving on which interfaces.


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