Pfsense 1.222 on nokia ip130

  • I have just tried to install pfsense 1.222 on a nokia ip 130 and the result is … OK
    No issue at all, run fine, and no mac-address issue ...
    the only default I found is that I didn't succeeded in implementing a CF to replace the original 40go HD, it was impossible to boot on this CF.
    Of course this CF was working fine on another PC hardware with the same pfsense image
    Does anybody knows if someone has done successfully this HD replacement ? and if yes with which CF and  which IDE/CF adapter ?

  • I have the same issue, using a CF to IDE (SFF) adapter, the unit will not boot with it, does anyone have any solutions?

  • Hi
    I have found that IDE connector on Nokia ip130 motherboard is in fact a 50 pin connector, and that could be the reason of issue : following some info found at , "The first four pins of the connector plug located on the device are not to be connected to the host, as they are reserved for manufacturer"s use"
    So I have the idea that Nokia uses this pins to detect if the IDE 2.5 disk  is jumpered as device0, device1, or cable select
    And so I think that the CF adapter must emulate this, by providing 4 pins more (than the usual 44 pins) in positions 1-2-3-4 to provide this info

    So solution could be to find a CF adapter with 50 connector with cable selection in the 4 first pins, and not like usual 44 standart pins and cable selection somewhere else on adpater

    Do someone agree on this and found/used such 50 pin adapter


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