Want to covert to small soekris type setup

  • I've been running a low power PIII coppermine (heat/noise) mini-tower PC with pfSense for a while now, but I want to get away from that and just have something like a Soekris type case.  My needs are pretty minimal - this is just a home FW, no VPN, running DHCP service, 16Mbs down/2Mbs up.  Only about half dozen systems on the LAN. Not doing anything fancy with it.

    So, my question then is, based upon my needs, and maybe even considering a little bit of future proofing, what small hardware platform is recommended?
    I'm looking at the Soekris 5501 and it looks pretty sweet.  Is this overkill?
    Is there a minimum processor speed and RAM I should consider with one of these type of systems?

    Should I only be considering Soekris or Alix boards?

    (I did a little searching on the forums but still didn't really get a good feel for answering my Q's)

  • Obviously using the wrong search words - there have been a great number of threads on hardware, including this one.

  • Already saw that thread.  Didn't really help.
    Based on some other information from other sites, I've gone ahead and decided on an Alix board.

    Only Q's I need to figure out now is:

    1. How big of a CF card do I want to get
    2. Can I just import my current config backup onto the new Alix setup

    I imagine that these Q's have come up a thousand times already, so off I go.  8)

    1. How many packages do you plan on installing ;)
    2. Assuming you're on the same version of pfSense that should work fine

  • Just the one install (home FW)
    I got everything put together.  Found a spare 256MB card and loaded it on that.
    Restored my current pfsense config onto it and it took it fine (it was one rev before the embedded version that I just installed)

    I'm up and running!  Love it!