Need help picking between three setups

  • I'm just a bit overwhelmed with the amount of hardware options. I narrowed things down to these three.

    My usage will be for 1 Gbit up/down internet, along with OpenVPN. I know I can't get 1 Gbit speeds on OpenVPN with any of these machines, which is fine.

    I'd prefer to stick with SuperMicro instead of the Chinese brands like Qotom.

    I'm trying to decide between the following:

    I realize these are different price ranges. This will be for a home connection and I don't expect more than 2 VPN connections at once. The only reason I added the Xeon was because it might offer higher speeds on OpenVPN, but I'm not sure how much more over the C3558. How much more speed can I expect from the Xeon on OpenVPN?

    I plan on using other plugins with pfSense as well.

    Size of the unit is important. It has to be small and I prefer low power.

    I'm leaning towards the Atom system as I see Netgate's 5100 and 7100 using the same CPU.
    I'm also perfectly comfortable with building my own router if it's much cheaper (but that wasn't the case from my research).

  • Of those, I'd probably go with the i3 if 2 gbe is sufficient. It'll have VPN performance roughly on par with the xeon, and faster than the c3558. If you want to spend $750, the should outperform the d-2123it for this application.

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