What ip addresses I should use for pfsense installation in virtualbox with 1 physical nic

  • I have only 1 physical NIC in PC in which virtualbox is creating a pfsense VM.

    In pfsense vm , i have enabled two NICs, first in Bridged mode, 2nd in internal only mode.

    during setup I gave static ip4 address of 192.168.x.x to wan, and a to Lan. Lan is set to dhcp from to 150.
    However this does not allow me to access setup webpage at from the host machine or from another VM having an address 192.168.x.x
    What am I doing wrong and what needs to be done? Can someone please advise?

  • The Web GUI can be accessed only from LAN network by default.
    So fire up a VM in the LAN and connect to with a browser. Go the the WAN rules tab and add a pass rule to allow access to "This firewall" from 192.168.x.x at the port used by your web interface.
    You may change the port in System > Advanced > Admin Access first.

  • Thank you for replying. I think my setup is more complicated than that.
    All my VMs have NIC 1 and 2 set up as NAT / bridged mode. All vms have 1st ip addr as and second as 192.168.2.x
    I am not sure if NIC 1 for pfsense should be bridged and nic 2 should be nat or internal or should it be vice versa.
    Any ideas?
    And secondly, what is the easiest way to add a second physical nic to the host machine, considering it has to be usb based?

  • @dhoom a pfsense with private ip's everywhere, no network diagram and no indication of what you are trying to achieve, and nat and bridge terms all over the place certainly won't help.

    Simplify your setup and try to describe your goals. .

    And a usb network interface is certainly a source of trouble.
    Best way (apart from changing hardware) is a managed switch and the use of vlans, adding quite some complexity along the way.

  • Well, let me try to explain it once again.
    The simple objective is to install a FW in virtual lab based on Virtual box so I can try to configure and study some of the features.
    All VMs in my lab are set up in bridged and Nat mode so they all can communicate with each other and internet and host machine. All have 192.xx and 10.xx addresses.
    I have setup pfsense as bridged and nat. Wan was set to dhcp ip4 and it did pick up the 192.xx.38 address correctly. However i am confused on Lan side as the installation video I followed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1Hvq1rvWUI) mentioned using 172.xx and internal ip range.
    So what ip range I should use from my LAN? 172.xx or 10.xx which my other lan vms have or make lan nic bridged as well?
    Thanks for your time and help, in advance.
    PS: If anyone here has configured pfsense as a firewall in virtual box on a machine with just one nic and can configure it remotely, please contact me. I won't mind paying for your time.

  • You may configure any IP you want, but preferably one out of RFC1918 networks.
    The used network in the video is just a suggestion. Give it an IP out of your internal network and use it to access the web interface.

  • I had to disable the pf via shell and then use wan ip to configure it. after the reboot I was able to connect to 10.x.x.x via lan vm browser.
    Thanks for the help.

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