pfSense blocking SSL connections/apps on unraid

  • Hello,

    I installed pfSense as a vm on unraid, and it is generally working well. Since unriad is always on, the plan is to use this and get some cheap standalone box as a backup to pfSense. I'm having an issue with HTTPS sites. I have lets encrypt, nextcloud, and openvpn installed, which are the ssl related problems I am having. At first I had an issue connecting to unraid via ssl. I was able to solve that by adding a domain override for The rebind tag didn't work.

    Regarding nextcloud, it was working well with my isp router. I have lets encrypt as a reverse proxy for accessing nextcloud at Also openvpn was working well. With pfSense, I cannot access the web gui for openvpn on my lan. I can access the openvpn server from outside my network, but no packets are being sent back and forth. I cannot access nextcloud on either my local network or from outside. Lets encrypt is not giving any issues in the log, so it appears the ports forwards are working correctly (as they seem to be with openvpn). What seems to be the problem is that communication is coming in but not going out. I can't find anything on how to fix this issue. It seems like it is a setting that needs to be addressed. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • I was able to get openvpn to work by adding a host override to dns resolver. And when connecting from outside, it connects. Now I'm stuck with how to get access to nextcloud.

  • Well it's always good to resolve your own problems. When I installed pfSense, I changed my private IP scheme to 10.10 from 192.168 and one of the files in nextcloud was configured with the old IP. So now it's working. In case anyone is having difficulty with ssl connections on hosts, I put the following info into dns resolver at the bottom for adding a host override. I'm connecting via SSL to unraid.

    host - long chain of characters before in your address bar
    parent domain -
    IP - unraid IP address

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