Setting up a network installation while having pfsense as my firewall

  • I have been looking in too and trying to figure out how to set up and install ubuntu over a network on my LAN. I'm not sure how DNS & DHCP would play in to this as I have pfsense installed and my ISP Box running as just a Modem.

    Do I have to disable DHCP in pfsense or can I use whats provided. I'm very much confused by the overall process and not sure how IP Address assignment will play in too this.

    Is anyone able to advise?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Like a network install directly? PXE boot?

    Or just install Ubuntu behind pfSense? Nothing special is required for that, Ubuntu will pull an IP address from pfSense just like anything else.


  • If you're installing as a typical firewall/router, you'd enable DHCP on it, as well as DNS.