Gateway monitoring

  • Whenever I saturate my ISP's upload speed (by uploading multiple photos to Amazon Photos), the Rtd of my WAN gets up to 1s and my gateway is marked as "offline". But then I can still browse the Internet although it is very spotty.

    What does pfsense do internally when the main ISP gateway is marked as offline? Does it remove the gateway from being used in the routing table or what? I don't believe this is the case because I can still browse the Internet but I just wanted to understand this deeper.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you only have one gateway then it doesn't do anything other than log it as an issue and trigger a load of scripts unnecessarily.
    You can edit the gateway and either set the latency alarm value much higher for your gateway or check 'Disable Gateway Monitoring Action'.
    Or you could tackle the issue from the other side and try to shape your traffic to prevent the latency.