GRE Tunnel seems to be one way only.

  • i have set up a GRE from my Datacentre to my cloud site.

    Datacenter <cisco 2800> -----[Tun1] -- [Tun2] --- Cloudsite <Pfsense>

    Both the Datacentre and the Cloudsite are able to ping each other routers across the net OK.

    In fact i can get to the cloud server from the Datacenter over the GRE to ports 80 and RDP fine so in one direction it does seem to work so in theory packets are finding their way back, but i cannot do the reverse.
    I cannot ping anything outside each ends routers IE the 2800 and Pfsense.
    I do have an MX64 at the Datacenter side which i port forwarding necessary ports etc and has a static route to
    I have spend most to the day trying different things, adding and removing routes on the cloud side but am not get much further than i have.
    Any pointers appreciated.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you can ping router to router, then it's almost certainly an issue with routing or firewall rules, either on the firewalls on either side, or on the devices behind the firewall(s).

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