Installing and Running pfSense on DELL R320 Server

  • Hello All,

    I just purchased a Dell R320 server to setup as my new pfSense box. I noticed that the thread below mentioned installing a specific version of the BIOS and LifeCycle Controller on the server before installing pfSense. I have an Intel i350-t4 and Intel X520-DA2 (10G) card installed in the server and plan to use the 2 onboard nics as well.

    For some reason, I could not install the version ( of the LifeCycle Controller mentioned in the thread below; however, I have disabled the Lifecycle Controller.

    For those running pfSense on a DELL R320 server, please provide information on the version of the BIOS and LifeCycle Controller you are running as well as any tips and tricks to get pfSense successfully running on the server.

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