It's will re-setup all network when I change network card.

  • Hello,
    When I change network card.The pfsense will re-setup all network card.Could only setup change network card?

  • you could choose to not use the manually changing the config.xml

  • Thanks a lot.
    Where the config.xml file?I have download config backup file.Is it file?

  • If I want change network card.How to step if I wan't rebuild setup?

    1. Make sure you have console access.
    2. Shutdown the device.
    3. Replace/Add the desired network card.
    4. Power the device on.
    5. Reassign the Interfaces on the console.
    6. Log into the WebUI, check for any errors and validate your config.

  • Because I have five network card. So I only change one network card it's will re-setup all network. It's no any solution to do it?

  • Netgate Administrator

    What card are you taking out? What are you replacing it with?

    pfSense configures the network again interfaces detected by the OS at boot: em0 em1 igb0 re0 etc. The name given to it depends on the driver it uses and the order it is detected in.

    If you had those 4 NICs above and you removed igb0 and replaced it with another igb card then you would likely not have to change anything. The new card would also be named igb0 and the config would match it.
    If you replaced it with a different card, say a Broadcom card using the bge driver, then pfSense would stop part way through the boot and ask you to assign the interfaces because igb0 referenced in the config no longer exists. You would just assign the NICs at the console to the same interfaces and it will boot up with all the same settings as before.

    It gets more complex if you replaced igb0 with another em card because that new card might be detected it a different order so that while you would not have em0 em1 and em3 the new card could potentially be any of them. You can still assign it at the console in the same way but if you find things don't work as expected after booting you might need to re-assign the cards in a new order or swap the physical network connections.


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