This would be cool. Micro pfSense firewall adapter

  • Would be great to have something like this.  I often have users who want to use a VOIP phone at home and in order to allow them to use I always have to replace their router with one capable of VPN.  Having a small device like this could be great so you would not have to replace the users firewall at home.  Also if travelling they could just plug in the firewall to the network like a mini vpn adapter.

  • Have you seen ALIX? They're not based on Atom, but have similar capabilities and are well supported under pfSense. Since you have to get the breakout board for those modules to get access to Ethernet and other I/O it seems like they'd be a little pricey too.

    Probably work well though.

  • Yes I deploy Alix systems at many customer sites.  Just looking for something even more portable which could accompany a VOIP phone.

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