Access Pfsense website GUI and another website slowly when block port 443

  • Hi guys,
    first, I sorry about my English if I write wrong something.
    I'm running Pfsense 2.4.4 and everything is working well about website when I open https (443) port.
    But when I disable or create rule block https (443) port, my Pfsense website GUI run slowly, it need 10-15s to change page or apply rule.
    Then, I create rule allow to access some website by Alias but when I access to website It take 20-30s to show contents but not fully and contents miss some picture.
    Everything is normal when I re-open https(443) port.
    So, can you explain to me guys ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Where are you applying the block rule? Can we see a screenshot?

    Some parts of the GUI can be a lot slower if they have no upstream connectivity on port 443. But that would require an outbound rule on WAN.


  • Thanks for your feedback

    I create all rule on my LAN
    Actualy, I Just disable or remove the rule which is opening 443 port, you can see it's in opening status below.

    Then I create a Alias host 24h (the website I want to access) then create allow rule:

    Pfsense GUI website and the website which I allow to access run very slowly.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What other rules do you have on the LAN?

    Is the GUI running on port 443?

    Do you see blocked traffic in the firewall log after disabling the rule?


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