Incoming Load balancing simply acting as failover

  • I have been pulling my hair out a bit over this, and would appreciate some help.  I am trying to load balance two web servers behind 2 pfsense firewalls, version 1.2.1 (pfsync and carp working great).
    The external address is a carp address.
    I have setup a server pool, load balancing, on TCP 80, and listing the two servers.
    I have setup a virtual server, set to the carp external address, and referring to the pool.
    I have added rules from wan to both of the servers local ip addresses.

    The problem is, when both servers are online, only the second one seems to get used.  I have tried from different computers, and different external ip addresses, yet it always gets directed to the second server in the pool. 
    If I disable the second server (pause the web server), then the http requests get sent to the first server.  Once the second is brought back online, requests then go back to the second.

    This seems to work perfectly as a failover setup, but I wanted an even load balancing.  Any ideas what may be wrong?  From what I gather, incoming failover isn't really supported anyway.  Yet I seem to have stumbled upon it.

    Any help appreciated.

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