Virtual IP and NAT Troubleshooting

  • Hello,

    I have a WAN IP configured and works for one Exchange Server with all the port forwarding working great.

    I got six additional IP's from the ISP and I created a Virtual IP configured with IP Alias.

    Need to point the Virtual IP to another Exchange box and configure the port forwarding. Cant seem to do it. When I ping the Virtul IP internally I get a reply but when I try for example RDP for an external source it does not work.

    What I did was

    Firewall -> NAT -> Port Forward -> Add

    Interface -> WAN

    Protocol -> TCP/UDP

    Destination -> (Virtual IP)

    Destination Port Range -> MS RDP

    Redirect target IP -> (Local Server IP)

    Redirect target port -> MS RDP

    NAT reflection -> Use system default.

    Where is my mistake? Need help.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So this is basic port forward troubleshooting issue.

    For starters RDP open to the public - Would NOT suggest!!! If you need to rdp to some server on your network, vpn into your network than access.

    Please look over the troubleshooting guide

    Come back if you have specific questions.. My guess off the top without any details at all would be your servers firewall... Out of the box windows sure and hell not going to allow rdp from some public IP.. Out of the box only the local network can rdp, etc.

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