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  • Hi,

    Over the years I have upgraded my pfSense around 5 times, running 2.3.2 at the moment.
    I am thinking that it is time to do a clean installation, for this I am asking.

    Should I backup all 2.3.2 pfSense settings, install a clean 2.4.4 and restore the settings.

    Or, should I upgrade the 2.3.2 -> 2.4.4, then backup my settings and restore the settings in a new clean 2.4.4 ?

  • @2087dennis
    I would backup the config, do a clean install of 2.4.4, and restore. (Your hardware is 64 bit, correct?)

  • Yes, I am running 64 bit.

    The reason for my question: upgrading the 2.3.2 to 2.4.4 and then backup configuration and use it in a clean 2.4.4, is that I have read that the 2.4.4 have a new feature called "group of gateways" - as I understand it is a new way to handle the gateway(s)
    That made me think that it would be a better approach to first upgrade and let pfsense "convert" my configuation and the I backup the configation for a clean 2.4.4

  • NO, I just checked.
    I am running pfSense 32 bit. (Thought I ran 64 bit, but my pfSense is actually pretty old) - but my hardware is 64 bit.

  • It's either going to convert the config during upgrade, or during restore, the net result will be the same.

    The only gateway change I can think of that you would notice on the front end is that you can now select a gateway group as a default gateway. The way they work with rules is unchanged.

  • I did the upgrade, just by backup the config and restore the config on 2.4.4 - with no problems at all.

    One interresting thing is that the upgrade I now got almost full speed in down/upload.
    With 32 bit 2.3.2 : 200/300 Mbps
    With 64 bit 2.4.4 : 700/950 Mbps
    My line is 1000/1000

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