Multiple WAN with different DNS

  • Hello guys,
    I don't know if this is new here or it's already discussed. I have a Pfsense machine with multiple WAN connections One goes direct to ISP another goes to our LAN, the main aim is we wanted to have a wireless network for visitors so when they're connected to the wireless they'll still be able to get our shared file and other stuff which we hosted internally. But the challenge is I am able to get internet and access the shared drives through IP address of the server but when I try to access them through their local names it's not working. And I wasn't able to set up DNS on the other WAN which goes our LAN
    NOTE: The WAN port which goes to our internal network has a DHCP enabled.
    Thank you in advance

  • If you want them to access local servers, you have to provide a local DNS that does that. Part of the DHCP config specifies the DNS server to use.

  • what? multi-wan with 1 wan going to our lan ? makes no sense (to me)

    perhaps a schematic could be useful

  • @heper said in Multiple WAN with different DNS:

    what? multi-wan with 1 wan going to our lan ? makes no sense (to me)

    perhaps a schematic could be useful

    I think he may have 2 different ISP connections, both connected to his network. That is possible, but unusual. Perhaps he means the guest network uses one ISP and the main network the other. If that's the case, the DHCP servers, on both networks, would have to be configured accordingly, but he'd still need a local DNS to provide the addresses for the local servers. He could configure his guest DHCP to point to the local DNS used by his network.

  • Ok @heper let me make it clear.In our network we have configures proxy server and block some site so there are some sites which are not accessible during working hours. our school has been received a lot of visitors during work hours and are sleep over that’s why we came with the idea of free wireless for them which will make them able to get internet connections and also to Access some of the systems which we hosted them Internally.
    Inorder to do it we decided to use pfsense machine with multiple WAN, one WAN1 to goes direct to our ISP and WAN2 one to go to our lan or internal switch.the main WAN which is WAN1 has internet access to configured DNS on it.The second WAN2 has only DHCP enabled.

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