Need Respond To Work Around

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    Here is a simplified diagram with anything I think is not relevant being ommited both firewalls are running 2.4.4. I need host1 to reply from an ip on wan2.
    Where there are no Static Routes something seems to cause reply traffic to always go out of the wan. PC2 can access host1 fine pc1 traffic gets routed to host and back out of the wan. When Host1 establishes connections to pc1 it uses wan 2 ip like it is supposed to but it replies to connections from pc1 through the wan1. I need a work around to force host1 to use wan2 in response to inbound connections Since anything coming from wan1 or any of the lan on site1 goes through a local reverse proxy anyway and wont be routed directly from host1. I cannot however set a static route to pc1 (at least not without conditions involving the source) or change the default gateway (unless its changeable for a single interface).

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