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    We have pfsense 2.4.4 running in production environment (wan ip: 88:xx:128.14, gateway address: xx:xx:128.13). Beside this we have Exchange mail server running separately (wan ip: 88:xx:129.147, gateway address: 88:xx:129.145). We wanted to put mail server behind pfsense by assigning virutal ip in pfsense. We added mail server wan ip in virtual ip in pfsense and forwarded required ports to local ip address (local ip: of mail server. We could access mail server from outside, but we couldn't send and receive emails. I noticed that if I run tracert to from mails server local ip in local network it goes to 88:xx:128.13 gateway. I think, due to that, we couldn't send and receive emails. Is it normal or should I do something else?

  • We really need to see how you've configured things.

    I have no idea if you've opened the right ports, set up the proper rules, and other such configurations. Those would help. You can block out your IP address, I just want to verify that things were set up properly. More than likely this is a configuration issue that can be quickly resolved with the right information.

  • Netgate Administrator

    More likely something upstream is configured to expect your mail server to have 88:xx:129.147 as it's public IP and you have not added an outbound NAT rule to use that for traffic coming from the mail server. A 1:1 NAT rule would handle that both ways.


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