Portfoward not working but IPSEC VPN works, something im missing?

  • Hi All,

    i have a new pfsense setup im trialing, im very familiar with sonicwalls but this is the first PFSENSE i have setup. im trying to port forward to 3389 to a testmachine i have setup. Config looks like this

    Anyway setup is as follows




    I have an internet gateway to the PFsense on the public side of AWS
    private ip:
    public ip:, 52.65.x.x.x (not giving out public IP yet)

    setup is set to port forward
    NAT: dest = wan address, Port 3389, translate to
    Firewall rule = 3389 allow all

    When i test externally it doesnt work. via 52.65.x.x.x

    When i connect to a IPSEC VPN i can see the other network, and conect to RDP on

    When i diagnose using test port, it says it can reach port 3389 if i select interface LAN.

    So it seems maybe im missing something simple as when i connect to VPN i can see the other network. I should add i have changed the ip address on the VM to
    GW (LAN address of pfsense)

    Any help is appreciated

  • Ignore i was using the WAN IP address to create the rule, when i should of been using the public facing local IP

    which in my instance was

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