PC Buzzer ping

  • Hi,

    I was wondering is there anyway to get the PC Speaker to beep when trying to ping a connection or when a VLAN goes down or any connection?



  • Netgate Administrator

    Not without scripting it in some way. But it you do that then you can use the beep command.


  • Galactic Empire

    You can do the ping if you ssh to your router, its not really much use unless your using ping to see if a device is back up after a reboot.

    −A Audible. Output a bell (ASCII 0x07) character when no packet is received before the next packet is transmitted. To cater for round-trip times that are longer than the interval between transmissions, further missing packets cause a bell only if the maximum number of unreceived packets has increased.

    −a Audible. Include a bell (ASCII 0x07) character in the output when any packet is received. This option is ignored if other format options are present.

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