Auto config backup on URL alias update

  • Hi all,
    after update to 2.4.4 I've enabled auto config backup and it's working very well keeping a backup for each configuration change.
    Problem is that it add a daily backup too with description "(system): URL alias data updated via minicron"
    Now I have something like 4/5 backups from configuration and 20 from that automatic cron.
    Is it possible to disable backup when URL alias are updated? Or add an option to disable it (in case someone would like to keep it working)?


  • Developer Netgate

    No. If the cron job touches the configuration, a backup will be generated. Switching to a timed backup rather than automatic might be more efficient in your case.

  • But actually this is not a change, because the Alias URL remains the same, could change the IPs in the list (for sure not every night, at least in my case),
    but a backup it's not needed because anyway when you will reuse it it will download again the updated list.

    If you consider the IP list a (potential) change, then a backup should be taken also when a DNS Alias it's resolved with another IP address, it's exactly the same thing.

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