NAT 1:1 issues

  • I'm getting the WAN external ip address when I check for my external ip from any of the machines I have setup for 1:1. Traffic to the machines works fine from outside but the machines are not talking out thru designated external ip's. What am I missing here?

    Interface External IP Internal IP Destination IP
    NET2 *
    Interface Source Source Port Destination Destination Port NAT Address NAT Port Static Port
    NET2 * * * * *

    The WAN mapping for is disabled for this test.
    Still if I "curl" from I get the WAN external ip not

  • Have you turned on reflection?

  • Not until just now but still no joy. I tried enabling nat reflection pure nat and Enable NAT Reflection for 1:1 NAT and Enable automatic outbound NAT for Reflection all in different combinations. Still going out thru WAN connection.

  • I have two inet connections, one is standard residential (WAN) and the other is 5ip business (NET2). If I set it up to use the 5ip as WAN then I can get the NAT to properly route thru selected external ip's. I did not test the connection out the res. as NET2 in this configuration assuming that I would have the same problems as above but it does seem that there is some sort of issue trying to NAT out an OPT type interface.

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