Verizon FiOS DHCP Issue

  • Ever since I've had FiOS installed, my pfSense box cannot renew the dhcp lease.

    I have had FiOS support release the dhcp lease on their end, but the issue still remains.

    Based on the dhclient logs, when the client starts to try and renew - it never gets a response from the server. It tries to request directly to the server, then the broadcast; eventually the 2 hour lease expires, and the dhclient reboots to the init phase.

    The init phase works fine, and i get a dhcp lease, sometimes with a completely different ip; but lately i've been getting the same ip.

    I dunno if the issue is on Verizon's side, and if it is, they wouldn't fix it anyway.


    I just noticed a kernel log message:
    arp: ac:1f:6b:10:__:__ is using my IP address 72.80.163.__ on igb0!

    around the time that the dhclient is supposed to renew.

    the mac address is very similar to my machine

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