Is there an option for mass patch update, config for packages? I have 24 pfSense set ups

  • Is there an option for mass patch update, config for packages? I remember I saw it somewhere in options.
    I have 24 Netgate boxes running pfSense and need some quicker way to update them and tweak things like pfblocker and etc.

  • @pfrickroll
    Woha! ⏪ What is a single man can handle 24 pfsense stuffs at same time ⁉
    Impressive to do it.For me is harder enough to manage 2 box 👿 and time run quick!
    I'm thinking to Widget Dashboard of 24 pFS would be nice to stay all in one same place, urgh.. really not, Tabs is already made, you need quick hands and much brain power!
    Good Luck 🦎 ✌

  • @babiz I will probably get lots of lolz of an idea for mass updates which of course is risky but some central configuration dashboard to change firewall rulez, pfblocker, and other things would be nice. 1.5 year ago when I began learning firewalling and pfsense i remember I saw some option where one pfsense can push package configs to other pfsense. Now my searching doesn't bring any results.

  • @pfrickroll , well I understanding, nice to read about, and agreed. Same here my adventures with firewalling world of pfSense began about three years ago 🦑 and is really cool discovering networking stuffs with simply power of Free BSD and PfSense.
    I'm loving it.

    So I know pfSense from 2013 but I'm not remember any specific options for managing many different configs at same time.

    Maybe if exsist in older Additional Packages software , in older days and maybe it's purged out for missing support ❓ ❓

    I dont'know, but at this time High Avail. Sync can support at least some basics stuffs if you can share between all your different setups like:
    ** System / High Availability Sync** configuration shows:
    User manager users and groups
    Authentication servers (e.g. LDAP, RADIUS)
    Certificate Authorities, Certificates, and Certificate Revocation Lists
    Firewall rules
    Firewall schedules
    Firewall aliases
    NAT configuration
    IPsec configuration
    OpenVPN configuration
    DHCP Server settings
    WoL Server settings
    Static Route configuration
    Load Balancer configuration
    Virtual IPs
    Traffic Shaper configuration
    Traffic Shaper Limiters configuration
    DNS Forwarder and DNS Resolver configurations
    Captive Portal

    This is a starting point, for me... I trust here in the Netgate forum some dude hold the answer for sure.
    I guess a kind of XMLRPC protocol "work" made by a custom php script for a possible approach but I'm not a programmer,
    I'm only a big fan 🕹

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