XG-7100 SFP+ not connecting to Cisco Meraki Switch

  • I have a XG-7100-1U running the latest 2.4.4 version and trying to use ix0/ix1 ports to connect using SFP+ to a Cisco Meraki switch (MS120-24p), but interface does not come up. pfSense says no carrier the switch port says disconnected. I am trying with direct attach cables. Cables are tested and ok, switch would recognize and bring the interface up when another device is connected. pfSense would also bring the interfaces up if I connect ix0 to ix1 with the very same cable. It refuses to communicate with the switch. Anyone had something like that happening on their pfSense?

  • To answer my own question: the reason is simple. MS120 series does not have SFP+ (10Gbe) but SFP (1Gbe) cages.

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