Can't access LAN after connecting to IPSECv2 VPN

  • Hello!

    Local network:

    "Public" network: 10.3.0./22

    Virtual IP vpn pool:

    pfsense - LAN= WAN =

    After creating the mobile ipsec vpn server on my pfsense (2-4-4) according to I got the following results:

    1. A client (the Windows 7 workstation with ip = located on the "public" network) does connect to pfsense (to its WAN with ip= - the ipsec connection succeeds and the tunnel is created. This client receives the ip = from the vpn pool.

    2. This client can not ping either the pfsense's LAN ( no any host on the local network (for example,

    3. Any host on the local network (, ...) can ping the vpn client ( while it's connected.

    All computers on the local network have their default gateways set to
    There's a single firewall rule on the ipsec tab that permits all traffic from * to *.

    According to the documentation mentioned above no action is required to make traffic flow from vpn clients to local network - nevertheless it does not work. Would you please tell me what (if) else should be done to get access to the hosts in the local network?

    Thank you in advance,

  • P.S. Sorry - Item 3 is wrong - no host can ping from the LAN - I looked at the wrong ip.

  • All works perfect - please excuse me: there was a mistake in the firewall rule.


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