[Issue] ntopng not displaying values in historical correctly

  • In NTOPNG > Interfaces > Historical it's not displaying traffic values correctly, it seems to cap around 10Mbps.

    Here's an image explaining my issue: https://i.imgur.com/oPyRqc3.png

    1. Ordered by 'Bytes (Traffic)' as you can see the average is 22Mb/s yet the graph doesn't peak any higher than 4.5Mb/s...
    2. One of the peaks around 4.3Mb/s which doesn't seem close to correct for 22Mb/s average.
    3. Averaging 22Mb/s over time-frame. 
    4. 3 clients totalling over 4.3Mb/s yet only showing under 4.3Mb/s on the graph. 

    Similar image using a 3-hour graph instead of 5 minutes, https://i.imgur.com/CIHfmGK.png.

    As you can see the says 3Mb/s 'average' according to the graph, but on the right, it's reading the correct average of 19Mb/s.

    It seems since the latest update where the 'peaks' are 'smoothed'(?) it hasn't been displaying correctly, unfortunately.

  • I forgot to list versions...


    2.4.4-RELEASE (amd64) 
    built on Thu Sep 20 09:03:12 EDT 2018 
    FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p3 

    ntopng pfSense Package Version:

    (pkg) ntopng 0.8.13_3

    ntopng Version Number:

    ntopng Community Edition v.3.6.181116

  • This is not fixed in latest:

    2.4.4-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) 
    built on Mon Nov 26 11:40:26 EST 2018 
    FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p4 

  • If anyone can help that'd be great. I think over a year to fix is more than reasonable.

  • Netgate Administrator

    This I assume?: https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=236716

    That looks like bits vs bytes error to me. Are those screenshots still what you see? The links above have expired.

    Probably need an update to 3.8 though as suggested there.


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