Pfsense dropping LACP Traffic

  • Hello,

    I have my pfsense setup in transparent bridge mode. I have 2 switches on either end, When I try to setup LACP between two switches it does not setup, seem slike pfsense does not LACP traffic pass through. How do I make it work.

    Here is the setup

    Switch 1 ==== Pfsense ==== Switch2
    2 Links from each switch to pfsense.
    Bridge 1 (nic1,nic2)
    Bridge2 (nic3,nic4)

    Normal transparent bridge works fine.
    But when I bundle ports on switch1 and switch 2 the LACP fails to establish.

    The aim is to use pfsense in transparent bridge mode with snort IDS.

    Any insight help is highly appreciated.

  • Any clues/ideas anyone ?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yeah LACP doesn't work that way. the BPDUs are between the connected interfaces. They don't get forwarded by a bridge.

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