watchguard 750e problems with network ports

  • install pfsense but the network ports do not seem to work. the port lan msk1 does not work dhcp.
    I can not ping a pc connected to lan, assign an ip manually to the pc within the range of the ip of the lan. but it does not work

  • At this point the Watchguard X-e boxes have been end of life for around 10 years. Its very probable that your unit is simply bad..

    I do have one of these still in operation myself at one customer location with plans to replace very soon. The 2.3 branch of pfSense is now EOL as well and not supported anymore.

    Just sent 6 of these boxes to the recycler.. most of which had never been upgraded to pfsense.

    If your proficient with pfsense and know for a fact your not doing anything wrong with configuring things you can pretty well most likely blame bad equipment here.

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