• I used to use this with my smoothwall box before i switched to pfsense and i loved it
    thought maybe i would share it with everyone
    these are smoothwall instructions, but i have used those to help get this setup before
    i have not tried this recently, but back in the 0.70 ish releases i had it working no problems

    like i said, just though i would share it with people and hope somebody enjoys is ;)
    anyways cheers

  • AdZapper is a neat little redirector for Squid.  Unfortunately squid only supports the use of only one redirector at a time.  There is a perl script called zapchain that lets you chain multiple redirectors but its not especially well written and certainly not speedy.  A debatably better solution would be to maintain a block list of the various adservers (there are lots of places to find these lits online) as an ACL in your squid.conf.  This approach has its own drawbacks as well, so consider each.