MultiWAN Failover - Skip Rules when Gateway Down

  • I am trying to implement a High Bandwidth 4G Link to ADSL Failover. I have working limiters defined for both 4G link and ADSL, dependent on Gateway is defined on the same rule, I apply the correct limiter bucket.

    Because of the limiters, I would prefer to keep separate rules with separate defined Gateways and Limiters but prefer 4G, rather than setup Gateway Groups.

    To implement this, I need pfSense to ignore the 4G rule (which is above the ADSL rule) when the 4G Gateway is down. I was hoping to implement this by System / Advanced / Miscellaneous / Skip Rules when Gateway Down.

    When the Gateway is down, the rule policy routing rule to 4G Gateway is not ignored and states show traffic still trying to go this way. Interestingly, if I go to the Gateway configuration itself and click Force Down on the 4G GW, the rule on the LAN interface is ignored.

    Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this?

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