2 pfsense instances connected to each other routing public IP addressing advertising the wrong address

  • Hi guys,

    I've got 2 pfsense instances connected to each other in the following way

    public internet > ISP router public IP range1 /30 > pf01 (public IP range 1 /30 on WAN, different public IP range 2 /28 LAN) > pf02 (public IP range 2 /28 on WAN, regular private LAN IP on LAN)

    Everything works fine, except that when I have a server behind PF02 and I check what public IP address it uses, the public IP address of PF01 comes up when using check my ip for example

    I'm wondering about what setting on pf01 would allow the traffic to show as coming from pf02 /30 WAN IP address when going to public internet.

    What do you guys think?

  • To me it looks like one of them is NAT-ing. Probably the first one. Change NAT type to "disabled" and check again. If no internet on the LAN behind the second one, then the routing is bad.

  • As i was researching about it you posted here and I found this guide:


    It was indeed NAT, got outbound NAT disabled for the second interface public IP range /30 and worked fine!