DHCP service is stuck

  • Hi all, i was updating dhcp settings on web console when suddenly i got 504 Gateway Time-out error. After couple of retries and refreshes any of the web console pages are resulting in the same 504 Gateway Time-out.

    I decided to reboot the box but it failed to boot properly. The boot process was stuck on "Starting DHCP service" message.
    The only solution i was able to find is to go directly into /cf/config.xml file and disable the DHCP service (by changing <enabled> xml tag to <disabled>).

    After the config.xml change, the box was able to complete the startup procedure but of course DHCP server was disabled.

    At this stage, i went to web console and clicked the "enable service" checkbox. i was able to save the change and DHCP server started.

    I thought that my problem is solved (somehow) but unfortunately any new change on web-console causes the 504 Gateway Time-out again.

    After googling for some time and looking on web console php files, i found out that my problem is probably due to :
    1 - php-fm process that actually updates the configuration is stuck(this is why my web console eventually dies. it has no more free php-fm processes to process requests)
    2 - probably php-fm process is stuck waiting on "config" lock
    3 - removing "/tmp/config.lock" and "/etc/rc.php-fpm_restart" doesn't help. web console updates for dchp service are still timing out.

    My knowledge of PHP is almost none and i have no clue on how to fix it.
    Appreciate any help.

    Thank you all!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What option changes did you make that caused it to fail?

    How many interfaces do you have on this firewall? How many VLANs?

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