Hotplug event detected for LAN

  • I have recently had two events occur on my pfsense box, about 2 weeks apart. I’m getting a “hotplug event detected for LAN” message in the logs which essentially kills the link between pfsense and my LAN. If I use the power button to cycle the power on the pfsense box (press once, let pfsense shut down, then press again to start), it starts up fine without any problem. I’ve read this can be related to a cable, network interface, or switch port. Is there something else that I should be looking at? I can trouble shoot the cable and switch port, but I’m not sure what to do with the built-in network interfaces on the motherboard. Anyone address a problem like this?

  • As a follow-up on this post, I ended up purchasing a used 2-port intel server NIC. This solved the problem, which seems to be related to the Realtek NIC's on the motherboard

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