fq_codel error- config_aqm Unable to configure flowset, flowset busy

  • I followed the instructions in a recent negate video for setting up flow control with codel/fq_codel. Now I'm seeing this error occasionally via console. Not sure what's causing it or if it really represents a problem. I know the bandwidths are set correctly. Not sure what else to check?
    pfSense version 2.4.4 on SG-3100.





    I can post screenshots for wan_up but other than bandwidth I don't see any difference in the settings.


  • @wgstarks CoDel should not be set on the pipe or queues. Use taildop instead. FQ-CoDel is a scheduler and AQM.

    More info? See https://forum.netgate.com/post/803468

  • @uptownvagrant
    So codel/fq_codel isn’t used for traffic shaping? It was recommended in another thread that I should use it rather than priq once 2.4.4 was released. Clearly I have almost no knowledge regarding traffic shaping but I was sure I configured this exactly as described by Netgate.

    Edit: My buffer bloat score did go from a B to an A+ after activating this.

  • @wgstarks The August hangout video you are referring to does not accurately show how to properly configure the limiters and queues to use FQ-CoDel. You do not need to change Queue Management Algorithm to CoDel - leave it as Tail Drop. FQ-CoDel is managing its own internal queues. We have spent a lot of time hashing this out in the "Playing with fq_codel in 2.4" thread. The post I linked to above is written by one of the individuals that actually implemented FQ-CoDel in FreeBSD and he confirms in that post what we found through experimenting.

    In short, yes, you can use FQ-CoDel as the scheduler, and it looks to work very well, but you don't need to use plain CoDel as the queue manager at the same time. Does that make sense?

    There also appears to be a bug regarding limiters + NAT + ICMP so some of us are using separate floating rules to match ICMP traffic with a rule that does not have an in/out limiter associated. If you want more info, please read the "Playing with fq_codel in 2.4" thread starting at the post I linked to above.

  • Thanks. I’ll make the change to Queue Management Algorithym.

    I can see in the system log that these errors seem to coincide with high latency alarms in my gateway log. Not sure if the high latency is due to problems with fq_codel or if it’s the other way around and this might be being caused by my ISP.

  • @wgstarks My experience is that typically the errors are logged when the filter is reloaded.

    The "config_aqm Unable to configure flowset, flowset busy!" error tells you that you are trying to reconfigure a flowset (pipe or queue) while there is current traffic in the flowset. More detail here: https://forum.netgate.com/post/803118

  • @uptownvagrant Thanks. If I’m understanding the post you linked I should have the same settings as described there now that I have changed to tail drop on in/out pipes and associated queues.

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