communications-interrupted in Failover group

  • hello

    My current setup have 2x pfsense in HA

    I got something that I don't know if it is normal or not in Status--DHCP Leases --- Pool Status


    Any suggestion !!!!

    EDIT :
    Communications error occurred

    A communications error occurred while attempting to call XMLRPC method restore_config_section: @ 2018-11-28 12:43:41
    A communications error occurred while attempting to call XMLRPC method restore_config_section: @ 2018-11-28 12:44:41

  • anyone?

  • Not normal, as 'My State' suggests.
    Verify the settings- they should be the same, except for the failover peer, which should be the ip of the other box, on the listening interface. If everything looks good, stop the dhcp service on both boxes, start on the master, then start on the backup.

  • @dotdash Hello
    I did as you suggested all was looking normal
    my VIP is xx.xx.xx.1
    my Master is xx.xx.xx.2
    my Backup is xx.xx.xx.3

    each interface have following config
    DNS servers because I use pfSense unbound all the same xx.xx.xx.1
    Gataway also xx.xx.xx.1
    Failover peer IP Master xx.xx.xx.3
    Failover peer IP Backup xx.xx.xx.2

    Then I stopped and started the DHCP service as you suggested and I am still getting the same in "My State"

    I have tested by adding rules on the Master seems the rule appear on Backup as well
    Don't see any problem there

    Thank you

  • OK it is all back to normal now I don't know what I did exactly but "My State" is normal

    Some how when I disconnect the master all traffic should go trough the backup with almost not notable by the hosts, but it is not happening

    Here is what I did for NAT-Outbound

    I put all interfaces except the loopback into my WAN VIP address like so


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You'll probably need to post the DHCP Server pages on both nodes.

    The communications between the DHCP servers occurs on the interface DHCP is running on. It has nothing to do with outbound NAT, the sync interface, or anything like that.

    There are automatic rules placed in the firewall to pass this traffic between the nodes on that interface on ports TCP/UDP 519 and 520:

    # allow access to DHCP failover on LAN from
    pass in  quick on $LAN proto { tcp udp } from to port = 519 tracker 1000002644 label "allow access to DHCP failover"
    pass in  quick on $LAN proto { tcp udp } from to port = 520 tracker 1000002645 label "allow access to DHCP failover"

    I have seen people place floating rules that ended up blocking this traffic in the outbound direction.

  • Hello

    The problem was fixed all "My State" says "Normal", but today I had to add an other interface VLAN now I am getting "My State" says "recover" - "Peer State" says "unknown-state"

    I had followed a few post here from people having the same issue and I couldn't fix that.

    I tried

    ping from Master to Backup and failed and from Backup to Master also failed

    ping from host to both nodes on the new interface I added also failed I ping just to make sure I can ping from this host my other interfaces without issue 0% loss

    I stopped DHCP on both nodes and started firs the Master then Backup node problem still exist

    I rebooted both nodes still nothing

    ANY suggestions ?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Have you made any floating rules?

  • @derelict YES

    just blocking IPv6 traffic on all interfaces nothing else

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It still sounds like you have a connectivity issue on that network between the two nodes. Are the CARP VIPs MASTER/BACKUP?

  • @derelict Sorry because my HA interface is a VLAN I forgot to added into the switch

    That was the problem

    Thank you

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