Static route created by MonitorIP disappearing

  • I have a 2WAN load balance setup with DNS issues because of static route behavior.  WAN is cox and OPT1 is dsl.  Both are dynamic ip and pass that ip to the pfsense interfaces via DHCP.  I initially used the primary DNS at each ISP for monitor.  I was seeing that when I unplugged  the dsl failover worked fine.  But when I unplugged cox - load balance status shows everything offline.  Through several hours of various configs it appears that the static route to the monitor IP of the OpT1  disappears from the routing table after a few minutes.  Just viewing and reapplying will put it back only to go away again in a few more minutes.
    So I can get the fail over to work if I monitor the OpT1 gateway at at&t instead of their DNS. The end result is that I loose the route to at&t DNS during a cox failure.  I have added the DNS as a 3rd entry in the pool just to create a route to it but it still exhibits the disappearing behavior. The route created to WAN DNS ips stay in the table.

    I have seen to posts regarding static routes to DNS at each ISP. But I obviously have tried the wrong setup there because I never see my route in the table.  I thought the pool should do the job.

    Can someone help point out what I'm missing?

    this is the embedded 1.22 version.

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