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    We want to track every users pc, i mean we want to know which user which website accessing in our network we want get this report on pfsense we have done light squid but it's not that much accurate it's not giving desire result if any one know any alternate please share your valuable feedback here.

  • First, check your router to see if it supports site logging and password protection. If so that's a quick and easy solution that covers all connected computers.

    Second, look to your firewall...some support password protection to prevent unauthorized changes...that may cover the clearing of the logs too.

    Third, consider something along the lines of CyberPatrol. It has a stealth mode so that your pc's users would never know it's installed and it automatically logs all activity (including chats), which is password-protected. For now you could opt to have it block nothing, but if you find your kids 'slipping' you could block the content and have CyberPatrol display the standard browser 404 as if the site is down, not blocked.

    Hope this helps

  • @nateliv Thanks Sir ,

    can we install cyber patrol on pf-sense? is it package or separate software ?

  • There are many cyber software which will track system.Most of the Internet Hubs Using those software only to avoid issues

  • @angelmiller

    we want it in pfsense i mean is there any package in pfsesne with it we can monitor user activity.

  • We are using lightsquid to track employees browsing history, but it's not that much effective.is there any alternate please help,and we are searching freeware open source Thanks.

  • @ejaj Did you find any freeware open source yet?

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